How to do Research to Buy a New Car

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Researching information on a new / used car is easier today than in the past. The use of the internet has changed the way people buy vehicles. Not only to investigate about the car, but in the availability of inventory of the agencies and even virtual tours of the vehicles. There are some elements that you must take into account when buying a vehicle. This article will help you do more efficient research.

Find a consumer report for the vehicle concerned

Consumer reports rate vehicles each month, but this will take a long time to read. You need the edition that covers all the models. This way you can have all the information in one issue. Start by looking for the cars that interest you and be sure to read the rating methods in these reports.

One of the most important factors in your rating systems is the reliability report. If the car is a new model, there will be no reliability information. Consider the source and make some assumptions. For example: if it is a Honda or a Volvo you can assume that they have good reliability since these brands have high scores in this category. In case they are from other brands like Dodge and Chrysler, you should take note, they tend to have less reliability.

Pay attention to the details

Mileage and fuel economy are based on where the vehicle is driven. If you live in a hot country like ours and use air conditioning all the time, your gas mileage will be less than what these reports report. A good practice is to reduce one kilometer per gallon from the reported statistic. This will give you a better idea of ​​a realistic financial rating. If you drive in the city it is very useful to use this practice since the city mileage is less than on the highway.


Compare the vehicles that interest you and keep each one on a separate sheet. By keeping them separated, you can make notes as you investigate. The next step is to go to the manufacturers website and look for the model that interests you. Most vehicle manufacturer websites are highly interactive. You can do virtual tours and thus see the car from any angle. This will help you save time going from agency to agency.

You must bear in mind that the prices you see on these websites will never be the price you are going to pay. In order to see the prices in our market, it is advisable to visit the websites of different agencies. Many of them publish inventories with their updated prices. Already with this information, you can know where to start trading.

Visit to the car agency

After having all your information, the real reason to visit the Farago Motors is to drive the vehicle. You want to make sure that you like the way the vehicle performs and that it suits your style. The process of deciding to buy is already past because you were able to make all your decisions in your home where there is no pressure to buy anything. Do not be ashamed and ask the agency what incentives are available for the purchase, be it a discount, an accessory, free maintenance services, among others.

In the end, take all your research and start negotiating. You must be firm but respectful and without fear of leaving the place in case it does not suit you. The negotiation process is a tug of war where the seller must speak to the manager to find other prices. When he returns informing you that it is the last price, do not be afraid to continue asking for discounts. The business is probably competitive, so they will try to sell you the vehicle. If not, visit another agency and start from scratch. If you do your homework well, you will be much better.