DDR4 Buyer Guide RAM & PC Memory

Best RAM for i9 9900k

Here is our special DDR4 RAM (aka RAM) buying guide, you will find our selection of the best references as well as the selection criteria to help you make the best possible purchase. You will also find advice if you wish add DDR3 memory to an older generation gaming PC.

Games and video editing are particularly demanding in this area, so 16 GB of RAM is highly recommended.

Ram is the most complicated component to measure from a performance standpoint. Indeed, there are few tests, few comparisons, quite simply because this component depends on the overall PC configuration.
In addition, it does not particularly influence the criteria that are easier to measure.

The great public knows that memory is needed in a PC but most of the time we do not really know what it is for, we will try to explain their operation as simply as possible and especially how to choose them.

When you want to use software, your processor retrieves data from the hard drive and loads it into RAM, it will then mainly work with memory Best RAM for i9 9900k because it works a lot … much faster, thousands of times faster … than a hard drive or SSD, so it’s what the system uses to store its current tasks. The more resources you use on your computer, the more efficient PC memory you will have in terms of speed, processing volume and especially capacity (GB).

DDR3 or DDR4?

The type of memory depends on your motherboard and therefore necessarily on the type of processor socket.
You will find more information in the motherboards and processors buying guide on this subject.

Who uses DDR4 ram? : The new socket AMD AM4 (Ryzen), Intel 1151 (Coffee Lake, Kaby LAKE and SKYLAKE) and the high-end socket Intel 2011-3.

It is now the benchmark standard on all platforms, with significantly higher frequencies and lower consumption. It must be installed on a compatible motherboard, i.e. latest generation).
Who uses DDR3? : The AMD AM3 + socket, the Intel socket 1150 (HASWELL) socket or the old intel socket 1155 (Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge).

How Much Memory  Ram to Choose?

4Go of ram: This is the MINIMUM for an office or Multimedia PC, but this is no longer sufficient for a PC oriented for games. So no need to orient yourself on a PC that will only have 4GB of ram.
8Go of ram: The MINIMUM of the Minimum for a config of games currently – In the case of very greedy games this may not be sufficient.
16GB of ram Recommended:
Very demanding games in 2K or 4K resolution.
Substantial budget
If you use photo editing software * and / or video editing software
also if you are doing machine virtualization or streaming.

Mid-range DDR4

Corsair is a brand recognized for its reliability and offers a lifetime warranty on this product. The Vengeance Series is DDR4 memory designed for maximum compatibility with 6th Generation Intel Core Skylake.

Designed with high quality materials for very good cooling, tested in extreme conditions and also available in black (sometimes cheaper), the Vengeance LPX is the perfect choice for building a high performance system or for a simple memory upgrade.
Its low profile size allows full compatibility with coolers, even the largest. Its price / performance ratio is also one of the most attractive on the market.

The famous HyperX Fury memory returns with an updated design of the heat sink which is slimmer while maintaining formidable efficiency Its racy style brought by the heat sink brings an assumed gaming touch. It is compatible with the latest Intel and AMD processors with the characteristic Fury styling and features Plug & Play functionality at 2400MHz and 2666MHz.